Having A Business Profile

Having a business account to market your business is extremely important.

If you’re wondering what the difference between having a business account and a personal account on your social media we’d be happy to break it down for you. For a short break down check out the video above.

Personal Account

First off I’d just like to say promoting your business on your personal social media account is not a bad thing. Promotion is always a good idea no matter where it comes from. Not to mention your friends and families can sometimes be your biggest supporters. You definitely want to keep them in the know when it comes to your business. Personal accounts are great because sometimes your customers, potential clients, and followers want to know a little bit about the person behind the business.

Recent studies have shown that customers want to relate more to business and business owners. Loyal customers especially like to feel like they’ve grown with your company. Your business is sometimes like your kid, people want to see it grow, change, they feel more attached to it this way. On the other hand, if your only social media for your business is your personal account some people might have a problem with this. No one wants to swipe through a ton of family photos and selfies to get to post and promotions about your product. Some customers don’t care about your personal life at all, they just want to get to the product they want.

This, of course, can be entirely different if you are a lifestyle, beauty, or fashion blogger where your goal is more to showcase and promote the clothes, products, and lifestyle you are living on a daily basis.

Business Account

Business social media accounts are great because they make your company look more official. It also allows you to solely focus on your customers when it comes to your content and what they want to see. Customers may feel you are more accessible because they can message you, leave comments, and ask questions about your product or services. Social listening is also a lot easier because you can follow your competitors, customers, and learn about what they’re doing to help get ahead of the curve. Having a business account also means more exposure. Instead of deciding whether or not you want to post a picture of your cute fur baby or a new promotion you want customers to know about, you can post both. One to your business account and the other to your personal account.

One of the biggest benefits of having a business account when it comes to your social media marketing is being able to use features that platforms offer to only businesses. One example of a feature that is used for business accounts is running ads. These social media ads allow you to target potential customers and get your business right in their faces. With people being on their phones and social media all-day being able to showcase your company through ads is a great way to generate revenue. Not to mention most business accounts on social media provide you with your own profile analytics. They break down helpful things like the time of day people engage most with your profile, which of your content gets the most engagement, and other helpful metrics to help you determine how well your profile is doing.

Like I said promotion on your personal social media is always great but a promotion on a business account is that much better. Take your company’s social media to the next level.

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