Services Bear Necessities Marketing Provides

Strategic Consulting Sessions

Bear Necessities marketing will engage in weekly strategy sessions with your team. Relying on its firsthand observations and outside perspective, we will identify potential areas where you could improve day-to-day operations and offer actionable advice to optimize your performance. We will also make itself available for two special sessions at your discretion to give input and offer advice on topics of you’re choosing.

Social Media Platform Management

  • Offer actionable recommendations to immediately improve your social media performance – Time spent inefficiently on social media is time best spent elsewhere. We’ll assess your current social media use and offer advice so you can improve your results in a matter of days.
  • Create and manage your social media and posting content accordingly to your profiles. Social listening and responses to your customers and followers who interact with you on your social media outlets.
  • Provide a plan showing you which social media tools you need and where to focus your efforts for the best effect – New social media networks emerge all the time, often leaving businesses with a sense of obligation to join them to “be everywhere.” Our strategies relieve {client_name} of that burden. We recognize you have only a limited amount of time and resources to devote to social media, so we focus on the actions that produce the most results without overwhelming you.
  • Give you a numbers-based system to track your social media use, and show you how to use it – Without the relevant metrics, it’s impossible for you to know whether your investments in social media can be improved, and if they can, how to improve them. Our system figures all of that out for you; we’ll show you how to use it in-house so you can continue to improve your performance after our project is complete.

Pay Per Click Campaign Management

  • Paid traffic analysis and strategy development – We’ll take a look at your current paid traffic efforts, analyze your campaigns for areas that have the potential for improvement, and incorporate our findings into a comprehensive paid traffic plan delivered to your team.
  • Paid traffic strategy implementation – We’ll create your landing pages and put the paid traffic plan into action, tailoring every campaign we launch to target people by location, demographics, and behavior for the highest possible return on your investment.
  • Ongoing pay-per-click reporting and optimization – We’ll use analytics data to track how well your paid traffic strategy performs. This data is instrumental in providing you with biweekly reports and spotting opportunities to streamline our strategy and make it even more profitable. We’ll use this data to continuously optimize your strategy to attract more customers.

Web Design and Management

  • Site Assessment – We will thoroughly check your site’s structure and content to discover elements that could be improved, not just in a discovery phase, but every month, or at a series of customized milestones.
  • Site Updates – We will update your site’s structure, design or content on a schedule that you determine.
  • Trend Report and Recommendations – We will deliver a regular detailed report, tracking online design trends, developments in web applications, changes in browser or platform compatibility, and any other web design subjects from a wide array of customizable metrics.

Search Engine Optimization

  • A Thorough Audit and Analysis of {client_name}’s Current SEO Techniques – We’ll analyze your current search engine rankings and your competitors’ SEO performance in your market. Then we’ll use the findings to help us develop the perfect strategy to increase your rankings and drive new visitors to your website.
  • Launch a SEO Campaign – We’ll put our plan to action. This will be an entirely hands-off process for you; our team will build the framework to increase your search engine rankings and website traffic. This framework will keep new visitors pouring in and give you an edge over your online competitors.
  • Comprehensive SEO Campaign Management and Optimization – We won’t just launch a SEO campaign then part ways. We’ll provide ongoing management of that campaign for 6 months, allowing us to measure the results of your investment and make improvements to your conversion rate. We’ll also report all of our findings to you.

Content Creation

  • Created an unforgettable content to mark as a true professional – As competition continues to increase in the market, it’s crucial to put your best foot forward. Our content creators will work with you, creating content to match your vision for your brand and the message you want to convey to customers. We’ll use visual elements to get this message across in an appealing, unforgettable way.
  • Developed a cohesive graphic identity that reflects your unique brand – images, videos, blogs, and other content aren’t designed in a vacuum. Each is a crucial element of your graphic identity. Our team sees the big picture, and they’ll work with you to create consistency across different materials they design. The more consistent your graphic identity across platforms, the more memorable it will be for customers.

If you are interested in any of these services or would like a free consultation to see which service might be right for your business, please contact us.

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