Getting Customers to Return

It’s no surprise that customers and clients like to be heard, they want to feel important, and they want to feel connected to the companies they buy from. It doesn’t matter if they are buying a product or purchasing an experience; your goal as a business is to not only get customers through the door but to ensure they come back for more. Most businesses make a majority of their profits from returning customers. A returning customer is also likely to ensure new customers. When people enjoy a product or have an enjoyable experience, what do they do? They recommend it to their friends and family. So how do you get customers to return? What part of marketing helps in this capacity? One of the marketing strategies to focus on to get customers to return is personalizing your brand.

Personalizing Your Brand

Personalizing your brand is just one way to get customers to return to your business. You want to be professional sure, but you also want your customers to be able to relate to your brand in some way. The goal is to establish a personal connection or relationship with customers so that they want to keep coming back to your business.

In their eyes, you are not just a business that just wants their money; you are the business they’ve personally helped to grow and watched change right before their eyes. There are several ways you can go about making your brand more personal. A prevalent method is being transparent, or at least somewhat transparent. Don’t just market to your customers; show them who you are. Let them see things from behind the scenes sometimes. Let them get to know the people who work there. Give them a bit of company history. Share a more personal side to your business and allow customers to feel like they’re part of the family.

Customer Acknowledgement

Another way, and maybe one of the best ways, to get customers to return is by making sure your customers feel acknowledged. This means acknowledging customers who have had both positive and negative experiences. Whether they leave a review online or simply comment on social media, it’s important to respond to as many customers and potential customers as possible. Acknowledging customers helps customers to feel important and lets them know they matter to a business. Marketing often ties into customer service these days because a lot of customers will head to the internet to ask questions, complain, or even boost your business. Be sure to address everyone to the best of your abilities which will make them trust you more and encourage them to return.

Acknowledging people has its place for gaining new customers as well. Most people do research before they commit to buying something, and they check the reviews and social media of businesses they’re interested in. If potential customers see how engaging you are with existing customers, it will make them feel more at ease and comfortable spending money with your business.

Follow Up Questions

Following up and checking in with customers is a fantastic way to get customers to come back and purchase from you again. You don’t want your customers to feel like you no longer care about them once they’ve made a purchase. Be sure to reach out to them after they’ve bought from you and make sure they are satisfied with their purchase. Ask them if they have any questions on need assistance with anything. The majority of your customers will appreciate your concern.

Many companies do this in the form of a survey, but it doesn’t always have to be a survey. Simply send an email asking if their experience is ok or an invitation to learn how to properly use the product is a pretty good start. Some interesting things to cover in a follow-up are asking about their experience, asking if they need assistance with anything, and making sure they know how to use the product; you can even let them know where they can leave a review.

These different marketing strategies can make all the difference in seeing customers return to your business. Of course, checking in, acknowledging, and creating personal relationships with customers on a variety of platforms can be very time-consuming. Bear Necessities Marketing is here to assist you in any way possible when it comes to helping you connect with your customers. Contact us today and learn more about our reputation management and social media management services. We’re always here to help!

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